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Custom Beanie

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Keep your head well covered during cooler weather in a custom beanie featuring a 3-inch folding cuff for easy embroidery.

  • Fabric: 100% acrylic
  • One size fits most
  • Add your own custom Embroidery logo/design/brand/artwork to any beanie in any color
  • Other colors available on request
Upload your "ready to print" file and send any special instructions to along with your purchase order number in the subject of the email, and we'll send you a mock design straight back to your email for approval! We are not responsible for incorrect dimensions, spelling, or low quality resolution. Please have your files print ready, or if you have any question regarding artwork contact us. 
If you want us to edit or design your artwork or files for you, we can do that for an extra 39.99! Just email us an idea of what you have in mind and our design team will get to work for you!
Once the mock design is approved, Trendsetter Threads will start production of your very own style and trend! Thank you for ordering with Trendsetter Threads, where here, you can start your own trend!
There will be a one time charge of 39.99 Embroidery DST file fee / Vector fee (unless file is provided via email to on all Orders for logo/design/brand/or artwork to create a DST Embroidery File / Vector file.
********Check Apparel Catalog For All Inventory, Colors and Sizes********

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